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Diana Culp Martin, DNP, CPNP, RN

Diana Culp Martin DNP, CPNP, RN

Diana joined MPA in November 2012, right after back-packing across Europe. She took the time off after working very hard through college and graduate school and took a once in a lifetime vacation to celebrate her accomplishments.

Diana decided to go into pediatric heath care because she loved her pediatrician growing up. He made a huge impact on how she perceived health and wellness and she wants to continue this trend with her patients.

Diana attended high school in Norman, OK. She then moved to Nashville, TN and attended Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt School of Nursing. She did her clinical rotations at TCH in Houston and then with Dr. Wood in Midland before joining the staff at MPA full time. Diana moved to Midland because her parents had relocated several years earlier. They offered her a free place to live and she loved the area so she took them up on their offer. She enjoys the climate here because she does many outdoor activities including soccer, running, gardening, back-packing and hiking. She also enjoys cooking and reading. She is also a member of Junior League of Midland.

Diana believes that health care is a team sport. We have to be on the same team as our patients parents in order to make an impact. Inspiring them is a big part of that. She knows that she has to learn to speak their language, get to know them and appeal to their needs and wants all while keeping their child's health a top priority.